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Compass: An Undergraduate Journal of American Political Ideas began publishing original undergraduate research in the fall of 2017. Founding editors Dr. Andrea Radasanu (Northern Illinois University) and Dr. Adam S. Seagrave (Arizona State University) founded the journal as there were no outlets for undergraduates to publish novel research that engages in public discourse on important ideas concerning American democracy. In creating Compass , Radasanu and Seagrave produced a venue for students across disciplines and methods to engage with a general audience.

Beginning in the spring of 2022, Dr. Benjamin Isaak Gross (Jacksonville State University) and Mr. Nathan McCormick (Northern Illinois University) began their co-editorship of Compass . This editorial team is building on the foundation of the journal. It seeks to increase submissions not only from disciplines and methods, but also from a diversity of institutions engaging undergraduates in the research process. Furthermore, the blind peer review process has been updated to help pair students with mentors that are content experts in the subject matter of the article. This provides authors with meaningful constructive criticism, provides reviewers the chance to work with talented undergraduates, and helps to produce sharp, thoughtful, and worthwhile articles.

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