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This scrapbook is undated, but is estimated to span years primarily in the 1990s through early 2000s. Several photographs have dates of 1997. There are also a few pages which appear to depict the 1980s and two pages with photographs from 1973-1976. Most photographs have no captions or descriptive information; some individuals are named, other last names have been identified from uniform name tags where possible.


Benjamin Abbott, Abel, Nathan Applebaum, Marcus Bartlette, Donnie Belser Jr., Billi J. Blaschke, Shaun T. Boles, Jeffrey W. Buckner, Michael Burns, Lamekico D. Calhoun, William Coulter, Crosson, William Deloach, Dole, Dove, Duckworth, Edwards, Euphemia S. Evans, Robert Fairel, Flynn, Gaddis, Gaines, Johnathon Greene, Griffiths, Joe W. Guthrie, Jessica Guyton, Hall, William Hardin, Hatcher, Henson, Henry Hester, Joshua P. Hodgins, Jennifer L. Hogan, Christopher A. Hopes, Hunt, Porsche Hyman, Gregory Jarrett, Antonio Johnson, Kalpowski, Lancaster, Crystal Lawhorn, Legette, Mitchell J. Liggins, McBroom, McClellan, Dave Merriss, Milam, Osborne, John S. Pattis, Pearl, Polek, Porzucek, Putnam, Ray, Christopher Roper, Sims H. Smith, Simmons, Michael Simpson, Robert B. Spans, Jonathan St. John, Edris Staples, Starr, Almetrius D. Swain, Ericka Taylor, Teatric T. Thomas, Turner, Tyson, Timothy Vanalstine, Robert Vandine, Carl Warlick, Eric D. Watley, Gavin West, Stanley M. Williams, Wilson, Joseph White. Those with additional descriptive information are encouraged to contact the Library at

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ROTC Scrapbook | 1973-2005



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