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Performed: 19-23 October 1994; Frank Galati's "The Grapes of Wrath" is the story of the hard working Joad family of Oklahoma farmers. The Joads symbolize the suffering of the working class in an oppressive capitalist society. The play was directed by Freddy Clements, produced/scenic design by Carlton Ward, costume design by Joyce Tate and Jennifer Jacobs (assistant), lighting and sound design by David Keefer, stage management by Mishia Edwards and Kimberly Kinsey (assistant), square dance instructor and costume shop managed by Joyce Tate, poster and program designed by Freddy Clements, fight choreographed by Todd Edwards. This item is contained within the Theatre & Film Production Archive.


This performance was held in the Ernest Stone Performing Arts Center Theatre.


  • Tracey Gamble -- Tom Joad
  • Terry Gosdin -- Jim Casy
  • Betty Jeanne Gosdin -- Ma
  • David White -- Pa
  • Robert Vance -- Granpa
  • Jessica Geron -- Granma
  • Todd Edwards -- Uncle John
  • John Battles -- Noah
  • Jason St. John -- Al
  • Leslie Bailey -- Ruthie
  • Patrick Himes -- Winfield
  • Tracy Higgins -- Rose of Sharon
  • Andrew Williams -- Connie Rivers
  • Kristy Oliver -- 1st Narrator
  • Chris Dempsey -- fiddle/violin player
  • Gregory Mikell -- Muley Graves; 2nd Man; 3rd Man
  • Rita Baker -- Mrs. Wainwright; Guitarist
  • Terry McCarthey -- Guitarist
  • Steve Howard -- Willy Weed Patch Camp Director; Mrs. Wainwright; 1st Man
  • Mike Holland -- Car Salesman 1; 1st Agricultural Officer; 1st Armed Guard
  • Neilson Jones -- Car Salesman 2; Contractor; Camp Guard
  • Tyler Waldrop -- Car Salesman 3; Bookkeeper; Father
  • Shane Smith -- Car Salesman 4; Man in Crowd; Boy
  • Jay Starr -- Proprietor; Mayor of Hooverville; 2nd Armed Guard
  • Joe Baker -- Man; Floyd Knowles; 2nd Man
  • Scott Wheeler -- Man; Armed Officer; 2nd Man with club
  • Steve Pope -- Yound Man; 2nd Agricultural Officer; 1st Man
  • Sam Pritchett -- Station Owner; Deputy Sheriff; 1st Man with club
  • Sarah Trotter -- Attendant; Wife
  • Dori Smith -- 2nd Narrator
  • Dani Boone -- Floyd's Wife
  • Allison Graydon -- Elizabeth Sandry
  • Ashley Pendley -- Al's Girl
  • Kimberly Kinsey -- 3rd Narrator
  • Lesley Gray -- 4th Narrator
  • Traci Baker -- Aggie Wainwright
  • Willy Tate -- Young Boy


The original items are located in the Library’s Alabama Gallery Special Collections.


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