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Performed: 13-15 April 2018; Lois Lowry's "The Giver" novel was adapted by Eric Coble. Jonas lives in a utopian society in which each person is assigned a role in the community. When he is chosen for special training from The Giver, Jonas discovers what is means to grow up and take control of your own destiny. The director was Alexis Loren Robinson, assistant director was Jessika Holmes, stage manager was Ashlee Cheyenne Oliver, assistant stage manager was Chloe Barnes, dramaturg was Rebecca Weaver, scenic designer was Elizabeth Neese, lighting designer was Jennifer Luck, costume shop supervisor was Freddy Clements, costume designer was Meg McCrina, hair and makeup was Halima Kamara, sound designer was Shelby Washburn, technical director was Nick Hoenshell, assistant technical director was Brandon Clark, projection designer was Ansley Gayton, graphic design assistant was Meghan Lee, producer/department head was Randy Blades. This item is contained within the Theatre & Film Production Archive.


This performance was held in the Ernest Stone Performing Arts Center Theatre.


  • Lawrence Mason -- The Giver
  • Aaron Williams -- Jonas
  • Noah Hudson -- Asher
  • Anna Catherine Marker -- Lily
  • Brooke Elam -- Fiona/Rosemary
  • Abbie Beatty -- Mother/Chief Elder
  • Eric Wilkerson -- Father


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