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Performed: 12-15 May 2011; Neil Simon's "Broadway Bound" is the third in Simon's trilogy which includes "Brighton Beach Memoirs" and "Biloxi Blues." Eugene and Stanley aspire to become professional comedy writers, but their family hears one of their sketches and recognizes themselves in the sketch. The play was directed by Dr. Ellen Peck, producer and scenic designer was Carlton Ward, costume designer was Randy Blades, sound & lighting design/technical director was David Keefer, stage manager was DeAndra Busby, assistant stage manager/dramaturg/properties was Kelli Moore, and sound and light board operator was Shawnna Conti. This item is contained within the Whitton drama production materials.


This performance was held in the Ernest Stone Performing Arts Center Theatre.


  • Autumn Brown -- Blanche
  • Cory Buffaloe -- Jack Jerome
  • Katie Daniels -- Kate Jerome
  • Joshua Cody Hunt -- Eugene Jerome
  • Steve Whitton -- Ben
  • Maurice Winsell -- Stanley Jerome
  • Freddy Clements -- Announcer
  • Eric Traynor -- Chubby Waters
  • Esta Spector -- Mrs. Pitkin


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