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Performed: 15-25 February 1996; "Kismet," a musical, contains red haired slave girls, greedy merchants, beggars, and debauched public officials. Hajj the beggar escapes a bandit, drowns the Wazir of Police, catches the eye of Wazir's wife, serves as Emir of Baghdad, and witnesses his daughter marry Caliph. The play was directed by Wayne Claeren, stage ,management by Mishia Edwards, Lesley Gray and Jason St. John (assistants), vocal direction by Jane Holloway, choreography by Susan McCain, orchestra conducted by Carl Anderson, costume design by Freddy Clements and Randal Blades (assistant), produced/scenic design by Carlton Ward, lighting design and technical direction by David Keefer, box office managed by Jan Rhodes. This item is contained within the Clements drama production materials.


This performance was held in the Stone Center Theatre.


  • David Miller -- Imam of the Mosque
  • A.J. Richards, Tyler Waldrop, Bryan Cook, Lee Pope -- Muezzins
  • Cory Clifton -- First Beggar
  • Jose Alba -- Second Beggar
  • Bobby Peppers -- Third Beggar
  • Justin Fox -- Omar Khayyam
  • Pat Barker -- Public Poet
  • Lynnelle Terry -- Marsinah
  • Corey Clark -- Fig Seller
  • Lee Pope -- 1st Silk Merchant
  • Bryan Cook -- 2nd Silk Merchant
  • Tyler Waldrop -- Pearl Merchant
  • A.J. Richards -- Slave Merchant
  • Jared Wright -- Orange Merchant
  • Mitch Gibbs -- Hassan-Ben
  • John McDonald -- Brigand
  • Scott Wheeler -- Jawan
  • David Miller -- The Bangle Man
  • Kimberly Kinsey, Nikki Barker, Tara Turnmire, Bridgett Jarrell -- Slave Girls
  • Ryan Floyd -- Chief Policeman
  • Matthew Daily -- First Policeman
  • Cody Goss -- Second Policeman
  • Neilson R. Jones -- The Wazir of Police
  • Todd F. Edwards, David White, Jason St. John, Marshelley McGhee -- Wazir's Guards
  • Betty Jeanne Day -- Lalume
  • Suzie Romej, Renee Howard -- The Princesses of Ababu
  • Kimberly Kinsey, Nikki Barker, Tara Turnmire, Bridgett Jarrell, Becky Wait, Melissa Miller -- Harem Girls
  • Marshelley McGhee -- Diwan Dancer
  • Jeff Kirbow -- The Caliph
  • Caryl Stahl -- Marriage Arranger
  • Kirstin Mitchell -- Princess Zubbediya of Damascus
  • Lesley Gray -- Princess Samahris of Bangalore
  • Cindy Wallace, Shannon Thornton, Lois Stahl, Nicole Humphrey, Jennifer Bishop, Kenya R.A. Allen, Becky Waid, Melissa Miller -- Townswomen
  • David Miller -- Prosecutor
  • Corey Clark -- 1st Official
  • Tyler Waldrop -- 2nd Official
  • Jared Wright -- 3rd Official
  • A.J. Richards -- 4th Official
  • Jessica Geron -- The Widow Yussef


The original items are located in the Library’s Alabama Gallery Special Collections.


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