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Performed: 1995; Jeffrey Watkins' "The Tragical Death of Hamlet and his Entire Family" was directed/props by Mishia Edwards, stage managed by Mike Holland, costumes coordinated by Tom Millington and Todd Edwards, sound and lights by Chris Collins, and set design by Todd F. Edwards. Marsha Norman's "'Night Mother" was directed/set design by Rita J. Baker, stage managed/props by Steve Howard, props by Mishia Edwards, and sound and lights by Chris Collins. This item is contained within the Clements drama production materials.


This performance was held in the Stone Center Theatre.


  • Jason St. John -- I.M. Splante
  • Todd F. Edwards -- Barnardo and Polonius
  • Shane Smith -- Marcellus and Gertrude
  • Gregory Mikell -- Horatio and King
  • Shannon DeWitt -- Ophelia and Osric
  • Tracey Gamble -- Hamlet
  • Myra Gaddis -- Thelma Cates (Mama)
  • Kimberly Kinsey -- Jessie Cates


The original items are located in the Library’s Alabama Gallery Special Collections.


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The Tragical Death of Hamlet and his Entire Family and 'Night Mother (1995) | Program