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Performed: 25 February - 7 March 1993; Joseph Stein's "Fiddler on the Roof" focuses on the life of a hard working Jewish family in the Czarist Russian peasant town of Anatevka. Songs were written by Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock. The musical was directed by Wayne Claeren, orchestra conducted by Carl Anderson, vocal coaching by Jane Rice Holloway, choreography by Barry Mundy, scenic design & produced by Carlton Ward, costume design by Freddy Clements, lighting design/technical direction by David Keefer, stage management by Mishia Burns and Tom Millington (assistant), costume shop managed by Joyce Tate, and box office managed by Jan Rhodes. This item is contained within the Clements drama production materials.


This performance was held in the Stone Center Theatre.


  • David Owens -- Tevye
  • Todd Shumpert -- Motel
  • A.J. Richards -- Perchik
  • Greg Hucks -- Lazar Wolf
  • Terry Gosdin -- Mordcha
  • Jon Pool -- Rabbi
  • Shane Smith -- Mendel
  • Danny Brown -- Avram
  • Tim Higdon -- Yussel
  • Phil Pyle -- Constable
  • Bryan Wright -- Fyedka
  • Don Elliott -- Sasha
  • Jefferson Davis -- Priest
  • Angel McGowan -- 1st Russian
  • Timothy Holland -- 2nd Russian
  • Robert Vance -- 1st Villager
  • Shannon Dewitt -- 2nd Villager
  • Bobby Peppers -- 1st Boy
  • Michael Thornton -- 2nd Boy
  • Simon Becker -- The Fiddler
  • Doris Stephens -- Golde
  • Kimberly Kinsey -- Tzeitel
  • Stacy Fumbanks -- Hodel
  • Jennifer Whitley -- Chava
  • Michelle Self -- Shprintze
  • Shannon Thornton -- Bielke
  • Myra Gaddis -- Yente
  • Cyndi Chennault -- Shaindel
  • Caryl Lynn Stahl -- Rifka
  • Rene Humphrey -- Mirila
  • Ashley Inmon -- 1st Girl
  • Malee Cunningham -- 2nd Girl
  • Camisha Thomas -- 1st Female Villager
  • Laura Carr -- 2nd Female Villager
  • Laura Duke -- Fruma-Sarah
  • Lois Jean Stahl -- Granma Tzeitel
  • Gena Holcombe -- Namah


The original items are located in the Library’s Alabama Gallery Special Collections.


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