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Performed: 9-12 April 1992; Thorton Wilder's "Our Town" is set in 1920 and is a play about love, life, and dying. The play was directed by and scenic design by Jeff Bennett, costume design by Joyce Tate and Jennifer Jacobs (assistant), faculty advisment by Freddy Clements, lighting design and board operator was Jeanne Carden, sound design by Chris Capps, technical direction by David Keefer, stage management by Patrick Biederman and Mishia Burns (assistant), costume shop management by Joyce Tate, and produced by Carlton Ward. This item is contained within the Clements drama production materials.


This performance was held in the Stone Center Theatre.


  • Michael Roberts -- stage manager
  • Don Elliott -- Dr. Gibbs
  • A.J. Richards -- Joe Crowell
  • Sam Pritchett -- Howie Newsome
  • Brooke Engler -- Mrs. Gibbs
  • Kathryn Polka -- Mrs. Webb
  • Russell House -- George Gibbs
  • Melissa Crow -- Rebecca Gibbs
  • Bryan Wright -- Wally Webb
  • Jennifer Whitley -- Emily Webb
  • Tim Phillips -- Professor Willard
  • Michael Brown -- Mr. Webb
  • Shannon DeWitt -- Simon Stimson
  • Kimberly Newman -- Mrs. Soames
  • Chris Colvard -- Constable Warren
  • Randy Blades -- Si Crowell
  • Chris Dempsey -- Sam Craig
  • John Daniels -- Joe Stoddard
  • Marc Richards -- Farmer McCarthy
  • Andrew J. Freeman -- Assistant Stage Managers
  • Dennis Lashbrook, Phil Pyle, Allison Crawford -- Audience


The original items are located in the Library’s Alabama Gallery Special Collections.


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