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(1) Letter from M.W.[?] Francis [possible Miller William Francis] at Jacksonville, Alabama to John Henry Caldwell, May 29, 1874 (2) Petition filed October 24, 1868, from citizens of Calhoun County, Alabama to Alexander Woods, Probate Judge at Calhoun County, Alabama to incorporate as Calhoun College, undated, with these persons elected as Trustees of Calhoun College: Edward L. Woodward, Daniel P. Forney, Horace L. Stevenson, Peyton Rowan, John H. Caldwell, John Y. Nisbet, William H. Fleming, Samuel W. Crook, and James B. Turnley; signed by: E.L. Woodward, Sr., L.W. Carmon, D.P. Forney, W.S. Driskell, Wm. M. Nisbet, M.W. Francis, W.C. Lund [?], G. Sauther, J.C. Francis, J.D. [?] Hammond, N.J. [?], Wm. Fleming, Saml. W. Crook, Wm. C. Laird, D.T. Laird, [?] C. Hill, B.C. Wyly, W.W.[?] Nesbit, C.B. Sipon, C.W. Williams, J. Brannan [?], M.J. Turnley, Wm. H. Forney, H.L. Stevenson, P. Rowan, Jas. B. Turnely, Jno. D. Hoke, Jno. H. Caldwell, B.M. Currull [?], Wm. M. Hanes, J.F. Grant, G.C. Ellis [?], E.[?] Woodward, Geo. [?] Turnley, John H. Forney, T. Fred Wynn, G. Adams, H.F. Vernon, Henry A. Carns, W. Adams, S.D. McLellen [?], F.M. Pinson [?], Leo [?] W. Smith, Jn. M. Wyly, J.Y. Nisbet, J. [?] Allen, L.C. Mitchell, J.N. Bryan (3) Letter from Geo S. Houston [possible George Smith Houston] at Montgomery, AL to John Henry Caldwell, December 18, 1874 requesting information on behalf of his brother-in-law Capt. James B. Irvine (4) Envelope addressed to J.H. Caldwell, Jacksonville, Alabama.


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Correspondence | Letter from M.W. Francis to John Henry Caldwell, May 1874



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