Relational Teaching from the Perspective of Our Students


Relational Teaching from the Perspective of Our Students




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Rudy Abbott Field at Jim Case Stadium, Baseball Meeting Room 212, 2:30 – 4:00 p.m.


In the past few years, I have spent many hours thinking about what makes me a successful teacher. I always come back to one answer: the students. My success in the classroom is dependent upon my ability to connect with students. For me, the ultimate goal as an educator is to understand the best, most effective methods of teaching, while also relating to students as individuals who matter in my classroom. As a result of this desire to strengthen my classroom connections with my students, I have sought advice from numerous colleagues, as well as attended many faculty development training sessions focused on relational teaching in the classroom. The one thing I had not done, however, was to ask students what relational teaching meant to them. This gave me the idea to interview students and ask their opinion on the type of student-teacher relationships that motivate them in the classroom. In total, I interviewed 30+ students who wanted to share their opinions on relational teaching with the faculty at JSU. I created a video from those interviews with the hopes that other teachers would learn as much from the students' stories as I did.


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Relational Teaching from the Perspective of Our Students