Students Lead Home-Based Pulmonary Rehab Program



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News Article

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Fall 9-10-2020


In partnership with a local hospital, faculty of the School of Health Professions and Wellness (SHPW) at Jacksonville State University (JSU) developed an interprofessional home-based pulmonary rehabilitation program. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this grant-funded pilot enabled the continuation of healthcare services to high-risk clients while providing novel clinical experiences for students in healthcare-related majors. Students in graduate and undergraduate nursing, respiratory therapy, and exercise science gained first-hand experience in the emerging role of telehealth as a mechanism to reach clients with limited access to care. This valuable exposure in interprofessional education helped prepare students to enter the workforce as competent professionals, experienced in collaborative client care. The telehealth program provided the community partner a creative solution to deliver healthcare services to clients seeking an alternative to traditional center-based rehab.

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JSU News. (2020, September 10). Students Lead Home-Based Pulmonary Rehab Program. JSU News: Red & White. http://www.jsu.edu/news/articles/2020/09/students-lead-home-based-pulmonary-rehab-program-.html