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The inherent needs of organizations to improve and amplify their technological platform entail large expenses with the goal to enhance their performance. Hence, they have to contemplate mechanisms of optimization and the improvement of their operational infrastructure. In this direction arises the need to guarantee the correct operation and non-degradation of the services provided by the platform during the periods with a significant load of work. This type of scenario is perfectly applicable to the field of VoIP technologies, where users generate elevated loads of work on critical points of the infrastructure, during the process of interaction with their peers. In this research work, we propose a solution for high availability, with the goal of maintaining the continuity of the operation of communication environments based on the SIP protocol in high load. We validate our proposal through numerous experiments. Also, we compare our solution with other classical VoIP scenarios and show the advantages of a high availability and fault tolerance architecture for organizations.

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Martin, A., et al. A Proposal for A High Availability Architecture for VoIP Telephone Systems based on Open Source Software. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, 9(9).



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