Blended Learning in China: At the Crossroads

Hanrong Wang, Jacksonville State University
Harry D. Nuttall, Jacksonville State University

Wang, Hanrong and Nuttall, Harry D. “Blended Learning in China: at the Crossroads,” in Digital Transformation and Innovation in Chinese Education. Edited by Hiller A. Spires. IGI Global: September 2017.


Sprouted in the late 1970s, with the direction and support of the Chinese government and the participation of private institutions, blended learning in China has developed quickly and massively. By reviewing the origin, evolution, and current practices of blended learning in the contexts of elementary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities in China, the authors examine the problems, controversies, and issues raised. While the Chinese government still may play an important role in blended learning in the future, private institutions’ involvement, learners’ motivation, and learning ideology could become more important in promoting and implementing blended learning. How best to use the current educational system and resources to further promote blended learning in China is a challenge to educational practitioners and policy makers. Blended education in china is at the crossroads.