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Across the US, coastal cities are threatened by many different manmade and natural hazards. From oil spill to hurricanes, tsunamis or coastal flooding, these cities should be prepared for emergency situations and should have well-organized emergency plans for their citizens. As a department that has contact with local government employees, human resource (HR) professionals understand the concepts that are important in times of crisis, including benefits management, training and development, and compensation. From mitigation to recovery, employees are vital to planning and responding to an emergency, and in a time when local government is focused on serving its citizens, local government human resource professionals serve those protecting those citizens – local government employees. The objective of this paper is to assess the roles and involvement of local government human resource professionals in emergency planning in coastal cities nationwide. Using responses collected from HR professionals in coastal cities with populations of 50,000 – 249,999, this paper investigates common HR issues included in emergency plans. Based on the analysis of their responses, gaps are identified and recommendations are made of ways in which human resources can contribute more effectively towards emergency planning for coastal cities.

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Journal of Homeland Security & Emergency Management, 2015, 12(1), 145–168.



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