Analysis of Student Learning Through Elegiac Writing


Analysis of Student Learning Through Elegiac Writing



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Cerilla Roe, Secondary Education


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4:45-4:55pm | Houston Cole Library, 11th Floor


This research project was initiated by JSU’s Secondary Education department. Every semester, we complete an assignment in our classrooms that challenges us to analyze the learning development of our students on a larger scale. We are to create a learning segment that we teach to our students. This is the tricky part: we include a pre- and post-assessment of their learning to develop our data. Now, I know that data that assesses student learning looks much different than scientific data or statistics you see for political purposes, or other types of common data. In fact, the type of data we collect in the classroom is even different from the information we collect on a larger scale for education nationally. We know these students. We know their names, their friends and families, and academically, we know their strengths and weaknesses. As teachers, we build incredibly special relationships with these students, and we must handle them with care, so the purpose of this data is collected for the benefit of each and every student in that specific class. This data isn’t determined so this child can become a statistic on a data chart on a national education website. We as teachers are responsible for assessing this data and further accommodating for the student or adapting our teaching styles to fit the needs of each student in the classroom. This feels like an impossible task most of the time, but this is the type of education these students deserve, and that is why I feel this research is worthy to be presented to those who value the importance of research and its many benefits, whether determined on a large or small scale.


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Analysis of Student Learning Through Elegiac Writing