Fastest Velocity: JSU Fastballs


Fastest Velocity: JSU Fastballs



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Jason Cleveland, Mathematical, Computing and Information Science


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4:30-4:40pm | Houston Cole Library, 11th Floor


When examining a baseball pitcher’s performance, one variable that is reviewed is fastball velocity. This study sought to determine if certain pitchers on the JSU baseball team have a significantly higher fastball average than JSU’s estimated average, as given by the JSU pitching coach. Pitching data was collected using Flightscope at 18 JSU home baseball games. Every pitch was tracked, categorized by the author, and saved into multiple Excel files. The 1431 observations were compiled into a single Excel file to be used in R. An ANOVA model was used to predict the mean and variance of each pitcher’s fastball. Results for the mean suggested that pitchers two, three, and seven had significantly slower fastballs than the team average, while pitcher nine had a significantly faster fastball than the team average. Results for the variance suggested that pitchers one, three, six, ten and twelve had more variance, which could be useful when planning game strategy.


student research, mathematics


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Fastest Velocity: JSU Fastballs