Cloud Computing and Its Role in Education During COVID-19 Pandemic


Cloud Computing and Its Role in Education During COVID-19 Pandemic



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Monica Trifas, Mathematics, Computing & Information Sciences; Arup Ghosh, Mathematics, Computing & Information Sciences


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4:15-4:25pm | Houston Cole Library, 11th Floor


The COVID-19 pandemic, the sudden outbreak, had severely affected every area of life all over the world. The lockdown imposed to get control on the novel corona virus has interrupted the people’s routine and working life and were forced to work from home. Every field including medical, entertainment, companies, industries, education switched to the online medium for work. Cloud computing (CC) was one of the emerging technologies in the pandemic and is still evolving and this change of working style has led to the adaptation and increased use of CC technology at its best with a significant impact in each working field. One of the fields that have a significant impact of CC was/is education.

Our study is based on the impact of CC as a solution to the education where we have considered using qualitative research methodology to be conducted on the existing literatures, approaches proposed by the researchers and a survey conducted on the students and faculty members of JSU (Jacksonville State University). The result shows multiple factors affecting the students and universities to adapt e-Learning applications where the most concerning factors were security and privacy. The study also shows the advantages and challenges associated with the cloud computing for education sector.


student research, computing


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Cloud Computing and Its Role in Education During COVID-19 Pandemic