SCP-5999 (A VR Horror Game)


SCP-5999 (A VR Horror Game)



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David Thornton, Mathematics, Computing and Information Science


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9:15-9:25am | Houston Cole Library, 11th Floor


My presentation for JSU Student Symposium is about a Virtual Reality video game my team and I made in Game Design II last Fall of 2022. Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation that allows users to experience a 3D environment of any type from simulations of rock climbing to learning about operating surgeries, VR has many applications that any user can use it for. For video games, game developers utilize VR to create groundbreaking experiences to immerse the player in their environment. Video games are a type of entertainment medium that allows people to escape from the real world and immerse themselves into worlds and stories to play out their fantasies and relax as well.

For our VR games, we decided to utilize the immersive aspect of the device to design and create a horror game based on a fictional Sci-Fi horror series called SCP. SCP is a horror series that writers on the internet create plausible anomalies that can exist in the real world, but fictional of course. For example, one of many anomalies that were created for the website where these stories are stored is one where the famous game Where’s Waldo is an entity that attacks and kills its victims when spotted. Our game is based on SCP-5999 where the player must find seven notebooks, 3 in our game as of the current build, and by doing so the entity will jumpscare the player by the final note and the game ends.


student research, computing


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SCP-5999 (A VR Horror Game)