I Own a Self-Driving Car


I Own a Self-Driving Car



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Arup Ghosh, Mathematics, Computing, and Information Science


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2:45-2:55pm | Houston Cole Library, 11th Floor


A self-driving car can be beneficial for most of us including busy college students. It can help students save time by getting them to and from classes and activities more quickly and efficiently. Additionally, a self-driving car can help reduce their stress levels by taking on the task of driving themselves around campus. This can be especially beneficial for students who have a lot of activities and commitments outside of class. Finally, it can help save money by eliminating the need for a parking permit since the car could just drive back home reducing the number of cars around campus. As fully self-driving cars are not yet available for purchase, and it's also uncertain if they will be affordable for the general public, I have decided to build a simulated self-driving car for myself with my advisor’s help. In this demonstration, I will show you the car I built and how it helps me go to places navigating through a virtual environment, highlighting the current state of self-driving car technology and its potential impact on the transportation industry.


student research, computing


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I Own a Self-Driving Car