JSU Student Symposium 2022

Mental Health Collaborative


Mental Health Collaborative



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Kimber Wickersham, Social Work


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4:00-4:10pm | Houston Cole Library, 11th Floor


Mental Health Collaborative is a project between Jacksonville State University Social Work and Piedmont City Schools. Piedmont City Schools reached out for help as they had issues with their school-based Mental Health. The issues that Piedmont City Schools are experiencing are that the mental health services available through the Piedmont City School system to their student populations are currently reactive in nature due to the limited number of trained providers available. This inhibits students from receiving adequate mental health services which might prevent behavioral and disciplinary occurrences that disrupt classroom learning. Jacksonville State University Social Work Master of Social Work Summer 2021 cohort designed and developed an assessment tool that looked at the thoughts and perceptions of the stakeholders of the Piedmont City School system. This collaboration took place across multiple classes within the master’s program and provided a comprehensive look at how research and policy shape and inform our practice as social workers. The data collected was analyzed and shared with Piedmont City Schools in hopes of determining the need for reactive school-based mental health services.


student research, social work


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Mental Health Collaborative