JSU Student Symposium 2020
The Burnout of Student Athletes



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Allen Gilbert, Kinesiology


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Houston Cole Library, 11th Floor | 8:45-8:55 a.m.


The purpose of this research is to gain a deeper understanding of the factors that affect burnout in student athletes. For the literature review, many sources were evaluated to discover how much specific factors impact the burnout of student athletes. The factors discussed were early sport specialization, body fatigue, overwhelming schedules, oppressive coaches, and poor mental health. To back the information in the literature review, three distinct studies were assessed. These studies included injuries in Major League Baseball, factors of burnout on the campus of Kennesaw State, and the effects of coaching behaviors on Division I swimmers. From this research the hypothesis that a student athlete will burn out of their sport before reaching full potential is supported.


student presentations, student papers, psychology, burnout, sports, relationships


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Exercise Science

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Behan, C. (2020, 14 February). The burnout of student athletes. Paper presented at the 2020 JSU Student Symposium, Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL.

The Burnout of Student Athletes