Holocaust Remembrance

Annual Holocaust Remembrance | 2009


Annual Holocaust Remembrance | 2009





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The 2009 Holocaust Remembrance was held on 13 April at the Stone Center Theatre. The Keynote speaker was Holocaust survivor Mrs. Ruth Siegler, of Birmingham, Alabama. Mrs. Ruth Siegler was born in 1927 in Sinzenich, Germany. In 1942, she and her family were deported to the concentration camp at Auschwitz (Birkenau). Ruth and her sister were the only members of her immediate family to survive. They were liberated by the Russian Army and eventually emigrated to the United States.


Keynote speaker: Mrs. Ruth Siegler; Welcome: Thomas B. Whaley, SGA president; Invocation: the Rev. David Rice, First Presbyterian Church of Anniston; Commentary: Dr. Russel Lemmons, Department of History and Foreign Language; "Imagining the Holocaust" Writing Contest Coordinators: Margaret Copeland and David Hickman, Department of English; Music: Dr. Nathan Wight (baritone), Department of Music and Cheryl Wight (accompanist); Kaddish: Members of Temple Beth-El, Anniston.


The physical media (DVDs) from which these items were digitized is held in the Library's Alabama Gallery Special Collections.


Days of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust, Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945).


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Annual Holocaust Remembrance | 2009