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Performed: 5-9 December 1991; George Kaufman's "Stage Door" is a lighthearted comedy about a group of girls who go to New York to study acting and find jobs. The play was directed by Wayne Claeren, produced/scenic design by Carlton Ward, costume design by Freddy Clements, technical direction/lighting design by David Keefer, stage management by Barry Newell and Traci Miller (assistant), box office managed by Jan Rhodes, costume shop managed by Joyce Tate. This item is contained within the Theatre & Film Production Archive.


This performance was held in the Ernest Stone Performing Arts Center Theatre.


  • Janet Peterson -- Olga Brandt
  • Laura Duke -- Bernice Niemeyer
  • Natalie J. Miller -- Susan Paige
  • Renee Howard -- Mary Harper (Big Mary)
  • Brooke Engler -- Mary McCune (Little Mary)
  • Kya Rogers -- Madeleine Vauclain
  • Erica Denise Ingram -- Judith Caufield
  • Lynne Kotula -- Ann Braddock
  • Shannon Jacobs -- Kaye Hamilton
  • Stacy D. Hurst -- Linda Shaw
  • Allison Crawford -- Jean Maitland
  • Stacy Fumbanks -- Bobby Melrose
  • Kimberley Newman -- Louise Mitchell
  • Kathryn Polka -- Pat Devine
  • Jeanne Carden -- Kendall Adams
  • Elizabeth Hayes -- Terry Randall
  • Jennifer Whitley -- Tony Gillette
  • Mishia Burns -- Ellen Fenwick
  • Kimberly Kinsey -- Mattie
  • Amanda Aultman -- Mrs. Orcutt
  • Jeff Bennett -- Frank
  • Barry Newell -- Sam Hastings
  • Russell House -- Jimmy Devereaux
  • David Owens -- Fred Powell
  • Mike Roberts -- Lou Milhauser
  • A.J. Richards -- David Kinglsey
  • Todd Shumpert -- Keith Burgess
  • Denise Davis -- Mrs. Shaw
  • Chris Colvard -- Dr. Randall
  • Keith Scher -- Larry Westcott
  • Randy Blades -- Billy
  • Dennis Lashbrook -- Adolph Gretzel


The original items are located in the Library’s Alabama Gallery Special Collections.


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