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Performed: 15-18 November 2019; Moliere's "The Imaginary Invalid" tells the story of a chronic hypochondriac, Argan Geronte, who marries off his daughter to a doctor in order to quell his growing pile of medical bills. The Director was Michael Boynton, Stage Manager was Brooke Elam, Assistant Stage Manager was Lawrence Mason, Composer was James Woodward, Choreographer was Alison Woodward, Vocal Coach was Michelle Tailor, Dramaturg was Rebecca Weaver, Art History Consultant was Dr. Tray Ridlen, Scenic Designer was Jennifer Luck, Assistant Scenic Designer/Props was Gregory Heathcock, Lighting Designer was Alli Angel, Costume Designer was Freddy Clements, Assistant Costume Designer was Kelby King, Sound Designer was Shelby Washburn, Technical Director was John A. Davis, Marketing by Chloe Barnes, Carpenters were Cheyenne Oliver, Dylan Curvin, Kendrick Golson, Props Artisan was Chandler Tarvin, Paint Crew were Elizabeth Neese, Libby Jan not, Costume Shop Manager was Randal Blades, Cutter/Draper was Kelby King, Randal Blades, Wig styling by Ashe Fadely, Stitchers were Kelby King, Briar Edwards, Ashe Fadely, Olivia Sims, Eleanor Boozer, Costume and Scene Shop Crew were Jessica Collier, Abbie Beatty, Benjamin Marazzi, Dominique Cheney, Eric Wilkerson, Makayla Hamilton, Mason Ward, Matthew Reeves, Morgan Herbert, Kendrick Golson, John Garrett Shaver, Carley Carey, Props Run Crew was Jesse Welch, Wardrobe head was Briar Edwards, Wardrobe Crew were Joie Pate, Jaden Vaughn, Marketing by Chloe Barnes, Light Board Operator was Miranda Kock, Sound Board Operator was Kat Lee. This item is contained within the Theatre & Film Production Archive.


This performance was held in the Ernest Stone Performing Arts Center Theatre.


  • Kevin Jannot -- Argan
  • Bridgett Rayburn -- Beline
  • Kenli Doss -- Angelique
  • Kendrick Golson -- Cleante
  • Cheyenne Oliver -- Claude de Aria
  • Christian Watts -- Doctor Purgeon
  • Alex Smith -- Monsieur Fleurant
  • Eric Wilkerson -- Monsieur de Bonnefoi
  • Chloe Barnes -- Toinette
  • Dylan Curvin -- Servant #1
  • Jordan Uhlich -- Servant #2


The original items are located in the Library’s Alabama Gallery Special Collections.


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