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Performed: 21-24 June 2007; David Bottrell and Jessie Jones' "Dearly Departed" is a funeral comical study of Southern quirks, traits, and traditions. The director was Wayne Claeren, scenic designer and producer was Carlton Ward, costume designer was Freddy Clements, lighting design and technical director was David Keefer, stage manager was Joanne Whetstone, assistant stage manager was Laura Buchanan, light and sound board operator was Leslie Higgins, props master was Erika Pruitt, box office Jan Rhodes. This item is contained within the Theatre & Film Production Archive.


This performance was held in the Ernest Stone Performing Arts Center Theatre.


  • Kyle Travis -- Bud
  • Summer Hunt -- Raynelle
  • Kyle Travis -- Ray-Bud
  • Andrea Messick -- Lucille
  • Jarrod Cuthrell -- Junior
  • Kaitie Shell -- Suzanne
  • Frances Shannon Hutchinson -- Marguerite
  • Brian Seitel -- Royce
  • Blake Edwards -- Delightful
  • Chris Whetstone -- Reverend Hooker
  • Kandance Ballew -- Veda
  • Brian Seitel -- Norval
  • Jessica Serrett -- Nadine
  • Blake Edwards -- Clyde
  • Laura Buchanan -- Juanita
  • Jerry Ballew (leader), Brian Seitel, Blake Edwards, Jessica Serrett, Laura Buchanan, Kandance Ballew -- The Joy of Life Singers


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