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Performed: 16 April 1996; Gary Gardner's "A Train Going Somewhere" was directed by Jose Alba, costume coordination by Joyce Tate, lighting and sound by Chris Collins, properties by the cast, set design by Chris Colvard, and house manager was Scott Wheeler. "Do Whut?" was directed by Chris Colvard, stage managed by Scott Wheeler, lighting and sound by Tracy Higgins, light design by Chris Collins, sound design by Justin Fox, costumes coordinated by Judy Durham, public relations by Jason St. John, and house managed by Scott Wheeler. This item is contained within the Clements drama production materials.


This performance was held in the Stone Center Theatre.


  • Jeremy West -- Eddie
  • Joe Johnson -- Sam
  • Nick Romano -- Joby
  • Autumn Conoway -- Linda Lou
  • David Downs -- Sleeping Man
  • Nick Romano -- Tosha Anderson
  • Wendy Noel -- Jenny Bone
  • Patrick Rogers -- Chris Collins
  • Jeremy Stubbs --Justin Fox
  • Tyler Waldrop -- Lesley Gray
  • Jeremy West -- Joe Johnson


The original items are located in the Library’s Alabama Gallery Special Collections.


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A Train Going Somewhere and Do Whut? (1996) | Program