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Performed: 20-30 July 1999; Eric Traynor's "The Adventures of Tiny Turkey" was presented by the Taste of the Town Summer Theatre. The original character was developed by Eric Traynor, then JSU Assistant Professor of Drama, and is set in fantasy land. Production staff members were Eric Traynor (co-director and keyboardist), Steven Whitton (co-director), Carlton Ward (scenic design and painting), Randal Blades (costume designer and logo design), David Keefer (light/sound design and technical director), Tim Prestridge (stage manager), Gina Claeren (production assistant), Chrissy Millwood and Devon Watson (properties), Gloria Helm (costume shop manager), Carlton Ward (managing director/producer), Jan Rhodes (box office manager, publicity, program layout). Costume crew were Mandy Carter, Paula Pierce, Tim Prestridge, Cris Morriss, Nicole Humphrey, Gloria Helm, Freddy Clements. Scenery and lighting crew were Steve Mullis, Doug Millington, Misty Layne, Deandre Marbury, Lashun Alexander, Shatobrion Carmichael, Kimberly Jackson, Mark Manning, Adalon Nelms, Diane O'Kelley. This item is contained within the Whitton drama production materials.


This performance was held in the Leone Cole Auditorium.


  • Jason Bozeman -- Tiny Turkey
  • Cris Morriss -- Pig/Duck/Father
  • Amber Cox -- Pig/Duck/Mother
  • Jarrod Simons -- Walt Weasel
  • Maggie Keith -- Wanda Weasel
  • Scarlett Yates -- Country Kitty
  • Jeremy West -- Milt The Mutt


The original items are located in the Library’s Alabama Gallery Special Collections.


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