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Performed: 24-28 June 1993; William Shakespeare's "Love's Labor's Lost" was presented by the department of drama. The entire action of the play took place in the woodland park of the King of Navarre and centers around the King and three of his friends hosting a princess and her three ladies after vowing to avoid women. They fall in love and decide to court the women. The director was Wayne Claeren, scenic designer and producer was Carlton Ward, costume designer was Freddy Clements, sound/light design and technical director was David Keefer, stage manager was Mishia Burns, assistant stage manager was Myra Gaddis, costume shop manager was Joyce Tate, box office manager was Jan Rhodes. This item is contained within the Whitton drama production materials.


This performance was held in the Stone Center Theatre.


  • Todd F. Edwards -- Ferdinand
  • Don Elliott -- Berowne
  • Dale Seaborn -- Longaville
  • Thomas F. Millington -- Dumaine
  • Steven Whitton -- Boyet
  • Robert Vance -- Marcade
  • Craig Heidrick -- Don Adriano de Armado
  • Timothy Phillips -- Sir Nathaniel
  • Steve Howard -- Dull
  • Terry Gosdin -- Holofernes
  • A.J. Richards -- Costard
  • Tracey Gamble -- Moth
  • Jennifer Whitley -- The Princess of France
  • Elizabeth Hayes -- Rosaline
  • Allison Crawford -- Maria
  • Kathryn Polka -- Katharine
  • Katrina Mitchell -- Jaquenetta
  • Melissa Crow -- Babette


The original items are located in the Library’s Alabama Gallery Special Collections.


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