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Performed: 22-25 October 2021; Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest" was set at the turn of the 20th century. The romantic comedy is a satire about two friends, Jack and Algernon, both courting young women under false identities. The Director was Carolyn Conover, Stage Manager was Ellen Peck, Assistant Stage Manager was Grayson Singleton, Scenic Designer/Lighting Designer was Jenn Luck, Assistant Scenic Designer/Props Head was Adaleigh Zaner, Costume Designers were Jessica Collier and Briar Edwards, Hair/Make-up by Freddy Clements, Sound Designer was Jesse Curvin, Technical Director was John A. Davis, Graphic Designer was Sarah Carter, Producer was Randy Blades, Props Crew were Elizabeth Freeman, Trevor McWilliams, Run crew head was Bridgett Rayburn, Run Crew were Breanna Epperson, Elizabeth Freeman, Erin Rose Pempel, Fly was Braxton Sanford, Wardrobe Crew were Jaden Vaughn (Crew Head), Semaje Newton, Light Board Operator was Alex Smith, Sound Board Operator was Emily Copeland, Carpenters/Scenic shop crew were Lili Andrews, Aaliyah Boone, Carley Carey, Jada Cook, Khalil Cooper, Bridgett Rayburn, Braxton Sanford, Cutter/Drapers were Randy Blades, Eleanor Boozer, Megan Brightwell, Freddy Clements, Briar Edwards, Stitchers were Eleanor Boozer, Rainer Clements, Jessica Collier, Samantha Drake, Briar Edwards, Aaron Holcomb, Grayson Singleton, Kyndell Schmid, Alex Smith, Adaleigh Zaner, Kyndell Schmid, Skylee Vaughn, Paint Crew was Nova Hamilton. This item is contained within the Theatre & Film Production Archive.


This performance was held in the Ernest Stone Performing Arts Center Theatre.


  • Jake Lewis -- Algernon Moncrieff
  • Christian Watts -- Lane
  • Trevor McWilliams -- Jack Worthing
  • Samantha Drake -- Lady Bracknell
  • Stanton Yarboro -- Gwendolen Fairfax
  • Leah Bussey -- Cecily Cardew
  • Eleanor Boozer -- Miss Prism
  • Logan Chance -- Dr. Chasuble
  • Mason Langdale -- Merriman


The original items are located in the Library’s Alabama Gallery Special Collections.


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