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This collection contains correspondence, receipts, dissertation information, speeches, clippings and other miscellaneous materials from Claude Rodolphus (C.R.) Wood (1892-1981), first academic dean of Jacksonville State Normal School. Wood graduated from the Sixth District Agricultural School in Hamilton, Alabama, and went on to Alabama Polytechnic Institute (now Auburn University) in 1910. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 1912 and a Master of Science in 1914; he also spent some time as a summer school student in 1915 at the University of Alabama. He went on to a career as a teacher for three years, and four years as a principal before joining the faculty of the State Normal School in 1920. He taught mathematics and was also the school’s first Director of Extension. Wood received his doctoral degree in 1929 from Peabody College in Nashville, Tennessee; his dissertation was entitled, “Does ‘Personality’ Have a Definite and Consistent Use in Education?”

Wood served as the Normal School’s first academic dean, a position he held beginning in 1931. His wife, Ramona Middleton Wood, was the school’s librarian from 1921 until her death in 1953; the Ramona Wood building is named for her. C.R. Wood served as dean until his retirement in 1955.



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