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Jacksonville State University -- History, College teachers -- Alabama, Jacksonville State University -- Faculty


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These faculty members were members of the Teacher Education Council at Jacksonville State University in 1973-1974. Shown from left are, first row, Mrs. Olga Kennedy, Milo Magaw, Dr. Greene Taylor (Dean of the School of Education), Dr. Thomas Cochis, Dr. James Reaves, Dr. B. J. Fuller, Dean Lawrence Miles, second row, Dr. Theron Montgomery (Vice President of Academic Affairs), Mrs. Ernest Stone (Principal of the Elementary Laboratory School), Mr. John Collins, Dr. Reuben Boozer, third row, Mr. Charles Nunn (Superintendent of Jacksonville Laboratory Schools), Dr. Alta Millican, Dr. Ralph Parnell, Dr. Roland Thornburg, Dr. Louise Clark, Dr. Thomas Arthur, Mr. Marvin Shaw, Dr. Nell Griffin, and Mrs. Sybil Reaves.

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October 2018

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Olga Kennedy, Milo Magaw, Greene Taylor, Thomas Cochis, James Reaves, B. J. Fuller, Lawrence Miles, Theron Montgomery, Mrs. Ernest Stone, John Collins, Reuben Boozer, Charles Nunn, Alta Millican, Ralph Parnell, Roland Thornburg, Louise Clark, Thomas Arthur, Marvin Shaw, Nell Griffin, Sybil Reaves


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Jacksonville State University -- History, College teachers -- Alabama, Jacksonville State University -- Faculty