1946-1947 French Club Members


Jacksonville State Teachers College instituted a French Club in Fall 1946 under the direction of Dr. James H. Jones. Officers were Mary Cobb (President), Clarence Chastain (Vice President), and Elene Sparks (Secretary-Treasurer). Members were Opal Adair, Betty Nelle Adams, Joseph Allgood, Madame Alverhne, Lucille Branscomb, Pat Burnham, Clarence Chastain, Charlotte Claypoole, Jackie Cobb, Mary Cobb, Patty Dillon, Ruth Goza, Marzell Culberson, James Harkins, Nancy Harper, Marieta Honea, Robert Humbert, Carolyn Ingram, Alfred Jones, James Jones, Robert Jones, William Jones, Charles Lipsey, Fernand Marty, John Murrell, Odette Michel, John Morrow, Charles Motley, John Nisbet, Simonne Repussard, M.L. Roberts, Jane Self, Eunice Southern, Elene Sparks, Margaret Ann Swann, Louise Waters, Everett Woods, Betty Young. (1946-1947)