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The Jones International House Program began in 1946 with four students from France and originally focused on language. While emphasis is still placed on languages, today great importance is placed on promoting global understanding and peace between all nations and cultures. There are now 40 members of the program — 20 American students and 20 internationals. Each international student is from a different country and is roomed with an American student.

Dr. James Harding Jones was born on a small Mississippi farm. He spent two years in France with the Mississippi Rainbow Division during World War I and later became a foreign language professor at JSU, starting the program that would become International House. By using this program to bring together students from different cultures around the world, his goal was to help students learn to know and respect one another, thus making a small step toward the goal of world peace.

This Archive contains video, images, and more of International House programs and students. Many related images for International House can also be found in the Library's Historical Image Collection.


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