International House Historical Film

International House Historical Film | 1950-1952


International House Historical Film | 1950-1952





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This reel is 3:34 minutes long and features:

  • Students and members of the International House program on a lawn outside
  • Students and guests in the interior of the original International House at a tea event
  • Dancing at a small party inside the original International House
  • Walking on the exterior grounds of the original International House
  • Singing and dancing a Mexican folk dance

It is possible some of these events were held in conjunction with the visit of Rene de Messieres, head of French cultural-relations services in the U.S., who came to campus and visited the International House on January 20, 1951, to observe the language program under Dr. James H. Jones's direction.


Rolanda Goetze, Yvonne Goetze, Noemi “Mimi” Ballart, C.L. Simpson, Rene de Messieres, Walter Mason, W.J. Calvert, Mrs. W.J. Calvert – Palmer Calvert, Dr. C.E. Cayley, Donaldo Fraser, Lucille Branscomb, Renee Belhomme, Beatrice Frossard, Jean-Marie St. Jacques, Claire Ryckman, Mildred Fernandez


The digital video files are housed in JSU Digital Commons; the original, severely deteriorated 16mm film reels were discarded after salvage and conversion efforts.


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International House Historical Film | 1950-1952