International House Historical Film

International House Historical Film | 1951-1953


International House Historical Film | 1951-1953





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This reel is 8:05 minutes long (much of the end of the reel is damaged) and features:

  • International students outside in town, possibly Jacksonville
  • International students leaving a cafeteria
  • Dancing together inside the original International House
  • Singing, playing piano, and folk dancing on stage for a program
  • Preparing food and eating communal meals inside the original International House


C.L. Simpson, Noemi “Mimi” Ballart, Ernest Schwarz, Jacques Corman, Rowe Hudson, Gerald Cooper, Shirley Childress, Tommy Watson, Dan Traylor, Katherine Copper, Freda Flenniken, Betty Jean Young, Bill Jones, Rolanda Goetze, Yvonne Goetze, Benjamin “Ben” Nodal, Genevieve Jeannerat, Mildred Fernandez, Carris (last name unknown; staff/cook), Helen (last name unknown, staff/cook), Lucille Branscomb, Lonnie Daniel, Imogene Craft, Florida Phillips, Cesar Real, James H. Jones, Mrs. James H. Jones/Myra Jones, Martha Leatherwood, Marlene Boozer, Rhetta Russell, Blanche Spradley, Martha Elton, George Jarrell, Alden Huffaker, Sam Mims, Gene Whatley, Tom Wheatley, James Southerland, Carolyn Mayes, Barbara Shirley, Elaine Amyot, Marianne Malandre, Alden Huffaker, Jane Kellett, Francine Cuitte, Regula Schlatter


The digital video files are housed in JSU Digital Commons; the original, severely deteriorated 16mm film reels were discarded after salvage and conversion efforts.


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International House Historical Film | 1951-1953