International House Historical Film

International House Historical Film | 1955-1956


International House Historical Film | 1955-1956





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This reel is 11:07 minutes long and features:

  • International students on the lawn of the original International House, having their group portrait made by Opal R. Lovett. This photograph can be found in the 1956 Mimosa
  • Students in a soda/ice cream shop
  • Students swimming, sailing, and speedboating on a lake. The location is probably the lake home of Mr. and Mrs. Rudy A. Kemp. Rudy Kemp was a board member and secretary of the International Endowment Foundation
  • Students outdoors at a barbeque
  • Students visiting a farm to see cotton in the fields, being harvested, weighed, and baled
  • International students riding down Highway 21 in the Homecoming parade, October 1, 1955
  • Students dressed in traditional cultural costume for a tea at the original International House. The event was held October 23, 1955, hosted by the International Endowment Foundation trustees to celebrate the 10th year of the International House program as well as observe United Nations Day.
  • International students singing, playing piano, and folk dancing at a program


Opal R. Lovett, Dorothy Cole, Stitaya “Steve” Sirisinha, Joyce Collins, Hans Struth, Shirley Childress, B.K. Walker, Katie Goulielmi, Gus Stefanu, Eui Sook Cho, Carris (last name unknown; staff/cook), Helen (last name unknown; staff/cook), French Whitten, Marie Claire Bernard, Mrs. J.H. Jones/Myra Jones, Claire Prunet, Dr. J.H. Jones/James H. Jones, Betty Alverson, Louise Stanton, Valine Voss, Tommy Boyd, Aida Ferrarone, Wilbur Lowery, Mohammed Boutaleb, Jacques Hermia, Helen Smith, William Jackson, Weyman Traylor, Nicole Noel, Miguel Valdis, Humberto Godoy, Sergio Lerda-Olberg, Maria Nieves Franques. Lucille Branscomb, Rudy Kemp, Mrs. Rudy Kemp, Frankie Smith, Carolyn Baker, Jim Dyar, Weepy Wooten, Richard Nordman, Ann Parker, Gerald Johnson, Evelyn Rice, Bob Dyar, Guy Bigham, Judy Johnson, Helen Molan, Barbara Leach, Nelda Burroughs, Kay Killion, Barbara Barker, Barbara Schrimscher, Gus Unger, Shirley Childers, Mary Lowery/Mary Lowrey, Mrs. W.M. Beck, Mrs. Carl Strang, Leon Archer, Harry M. Ayers


The digital video files are housed in JSU Digital Commons; the original, severely deteriorated 16mm film reels were discarded after salvage and conversion efforts.


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International House Historical Film | 1955-1956