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The paper intended to investigate adult students’ Internet self-efficacy, self-regulation, and performance in online learning environments. The relationships between these variables and the effect of student characteristics on Internet self-efficacy and self-regulation were explored. The participants of this study were African American students from a university in the United States. They participated in two web-based research courses offered in summer. Data were collected through an online survey and were analyzed by a quantitative approach. The results showed Internet self-efficacy was positively related to self-regulation at a significant level. Internet selfefficacy and self-regulation differed in terms of student performance. The differences of gender and age did not have a significant impact on Internet self-efficacy and self-regulation. Discussions and implications were addressed according to the major findings of this study.

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Kuo, Y., Kuo, Y. and Tseng, H. (April 2020) "Internet Self-Efficacy, Self-Regulation, and Student Performance: African-American Adult Students in Online Learning." v19 n2 p161-180.



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