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Fall 9-2016


As many nursing programs are offered online in colleges and universities, student populations are likely to be working nurses who have no time to come in, or have no physical access to the library building or its print book collections to complete their course work. This has been one of the biggest obstacles for libraries in supporting off-campus faculty and students. In addition to offering document delivery services, such as shipping print books and sending articles in digital format to eligible patrons, more and more academic libraries purchase or license e-books and e-journals to replace or augment their print collections. In recent years, electronic book and journal collections have grown rapidly in academic libraries because of their ease of access and convenience (Briddon et al., 2009; Cassidy, Martinez and Shen, 2012; Walters, 2013). The emergence of e-books creates a variety of issues involving acquisition, management, workflows, and usage statistics (ALCTS, 2013).

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Tang, Y., & Barnett-Ellis, P. (2017). Nursing Students’ Learning Experience With E-books. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 43(1), 67–71.



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