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Research has shown that an inclusive way of thinking helps to promote social interactions on and off the sports field. The most important process of accepting differences is sensitization, which is to achieve the positive change of an understanding and accepting environment through purposeful effort and involvement. The role of teachers of people with disabilities is significant in this process. The KézenFogva Foundation has applied this to develop an inclusive pedagogical, theoretical, and practical pilot project, the “SHAPE Complex Sensitisation Programme”, an innovative special pedagogy infrastructure which highlighted all practices promoting the realization of inclusion. After their training, teachers (majority educators) participating in the project (N = 26) applied the acquired knowledge in theme weeks among their students (N = 191), extending sensitization by further dissemination. Besides showing the direction and extent of changes in the sensitivities of teachers and their students (emotional, intellectual, and behavioral) with the help of the attitude scale, CATCH, the research was designed to introduce an innovative way of inducement of non-disabled athletes as well as special sport professionals. Although only a limited number of teachers could participate in the training, the success and effectiveness of the program was illustrated that even with this small sample, changes in the attitudes of the participants could be detected and that the training held by the foundation and its partners was effective, along with a noticeable change in the attitude of students.

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Adaptation and Distribution of a Complex Sensitivity-Training Program in the Eastern European Region. Social Sciences 11, 2022, 1-11.



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