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The Rice–Fish Symbiotic System in the Longxian village is the first Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS) in Asia. This paper examined the value transformation mechanism of the Longxian Rice–Fish Symbiotic System from the micro perspective of material cycle and energy flow and quantified its economic value using the gross ecosystem product (GEP). Using the InVEST model and ArcGIS tools, the GEP was estimated to be approximately CNY 116.51 million (approx. CNY 252,624 per hectare per year). The ecosystem regulating service value occupied more than 80% of the GEP. Within the regulating ecosystem services, the climate regulation value was the highest (CNY 55.72 million) followed by flood storage value (CNY 32.77 million). These two categories contributed 94.44% of the total value of regulating ecosystem services. The paper recommends employing GEP to evaluate the value of commodities and services provided by an ecosystem. The methodology and approach of the research can serve as an important reference for other GIAHS programs and provides a scientific and rigorous framework for accessing the economic value of agricultural heritage systems.

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Sustainability, 15(13), 2023, 1-16.

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