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Although patient expectations and preferences for healthcare selection have been described in the literature, there are no studies exploring what qualities and behaviors standardized persons (SPs) identify for the practice-ready pharmacist. This manuscript explores those qualities and behaviors within an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) to determine SP interest in having the student as their pharmacy provider. Methods: Using open-ended questions via a Qualtrics survey, SPs were asked to provide qualities and behaviors they associated with each of three practice-readiness rating levels. Using a constant comparative approach, the researchers coded the collected data over multiple stages to allow for authentic reflection and interpretation of the data. Coders used both inductive and deductive processes prior to establishing a unified understanding and corresponding codebook. Results: A total of 55 SPs (61.1% response rate) participated in the survey, with the majority of participants working for the organization no more than two years (58.2%). Through the coding process, several major themes emerged across each of the three ratings including professionalism, patient-centered skills, communication, and preparation. Findings indicated the differences in ratings were influenced by the degree that students demonstrated each theme. Conclusions: Overall, these findings provide a better understanding of the qualities and behaviors SPs associate with student pharmacists completing OSCEs acting as practicing pharmacists. However, additional research is needed to determine if the same qualities and behaviors would be viewed as essential with SPs at other academic institutions.

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Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning, 13(5), 2021, 492–499.



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