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How international in scope is publishing in political science? Previous studies have shown that the top journals primarily publish work by scholars from the US and, to a lesser extent, other global north countries. However, such studies used published content and could not evaluate the impact of the review process on the relative absence of international scholars in journals.

Here, we evaluate patterns of submission and publication by US and international scholars for the American Political Science Review (APSR) – one of the most selective peer-reviewed journals in the discipline. We find that scholars from the US and other global north countries are published roughly in proportion to submissions, but that global south scholars fare less well. We also find that scholars affiliated with prestigious universities are overrepresented, irrespective of geographic location. We conclude with some observations about the implications of these findings for efforts to internationalize the discipline.

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PS: Political Science & Politics, 2018, 51(4), 789-798.



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