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The appearance and growth of the junior high school in theUnited States reflects one of the most significant aspects of this country's attempt to provide the best possible educational program.for its teenagers, Not only has the junior high school proved of high value, but its influence upon school systems in which the junior high school organization is not found has been wide and marked. Among communities in which the eight-four plan of school organization prevails, many earmarks of junior high school are commonly found.

The junior high school, which emerged from the reorganizational movement of the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century, if just one phase of our total educational program. It is unique in that it is a school designed for early adolescents.

After fifty years of experimentation, the junior high school has been accepted by educators, by parents, by teachers, and by the public. Though it has not solved all the problems of education for early adolescents, it has made tremendous progress toward this end. Its continued growth is evidence of its importance in our total educational program.

The purpose of this paper is to determine the factors which led to the development of the junior high school; the functions and purposes the junior high school serves; and the advantages and limitations, credited to the junior high school, that are not claimed by other phases of our educational program.

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