Date of Award

Summer 2022

Document Type

Final DNP Paper

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) in Family Nurse Practitioner



Faculty Chair

Dr. Crystal 'Dee' Fuller


Dr. Carla Thomas


Kelly Blackwell


Background: Events, such as falls, continue to maintain permanence in countless public health settings and organizations, attributing to unnecessary resource utilization. Proven methods for mitigating fall occurrences transpire through reliable fall education and by creating programs that directly impact these incidents. These agendas are essential and can lessen undue stress, obligations, and associated fiscal liability.

Purpose: This DNP project aimed to ascertain and expand unit nurses' fall prevention strategy knowledge in a long-term acute care hospital, bringing awareness of evidence-based practices through a learning addendum.

Methods: This program, based on a descriptive, quasi-experimental, pre-, and post-analysis, strategically assessed the fall deterrence comprehension of frontline clinicians. The project probed staff perceptions, exploring if the project generated any growth in acumen among staff. In addition, for this project, utilizing purposive convenience sampling facilitated participant selection, allowing for investigation of this small, composite population.

Results: The findings establish no alteration in staff knowledge levels after execution. Still, further exploration of the compiled data for additional indications took place. Executing alternative assays shifted the statistical confine for the limited sample. In the 2019 Nursing Evidence-Based Practice survey, deviations were prominent among contributors' optimism in engaging in evidence-based ways, vastly affirming these applications.

Conclusion: In tackling patient safety, healthcare professionals remain split. One reminiscent security is nurses, who remain central to preventing falls. During this proposal, there were valuable premises extracted that demanded more probing. These novel findings support more educational endeavors, fostering additional practical measures for abating falls. With proper edification, bedside nurses can ensure ending falls in healthcare settings.

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Signed DNP Manuscript Defense Approval



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