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Date of Award

May 2024

Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Visual Communication Design



Committee Chair

Jamie Runnells

Exhibition Date

April 2024


Infographic Poster


Digital file used to produce infographic poster design introducing organization’s mission to provide the method to secondary educators.’s mission consists of three words: Advocate, Educate, and Integrate With Videntis, the power of graphic design goes beyond aesthetics – it embodies a mindset that transforms our approach to learning. The Videntis methodology seamlessly integrates the creative problem-solving mindset of graphic designers into secondary classrooms, enriching education in Mathematics, Science, English, and History. Explore the fusion of creativity and academia with Videntis. Advocate: Videntis is a new approach to education—one that prioritizes creativity, critical thinking, and real-world application. By embracing the graphic designer mindset, Videntis empowers students to become visionary thinkers and problem solvers. Educate: Videntis is designed to educate and empower high school instructors with the tools, resources, and support the need to implement the Videntis methodology in their classrooms. Through professional development opportunities and ongoing guidance, we equip educators with the skills and knowledge to transform their teaching practice. Integrate: The Videntis methodology seamlessly integrates into existing curricula, creating a dynamic and engaging educational experience for students. By weaving the graphic designer thought process into every aspect of high school learning, instructors foster creativity, critical thinking, and innovation.


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The MFA Thesis Exhibition was held in the Hammond Hall Art Gallery.