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Date of Award

May 2024

Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Visual Communication Design



Committee Chair

Jamie Runnells

Exhibition Date

April 2024


Infographic Poster


Digital file used to produce infographic poster design introducing the teaching method Videntis and informing the audience on how the technique works. With Videntis, the power of graphic design goes beyond aesthetics – it embodies a mindset that transforms our approach to learning. The Videntis methodology seamlessly integrates the creative problem-solving mindset of graphic designers into secondary classrooms, enriching education in Mathematics, Science, English, and History. Explore the fusion of creativity and academia with Videntis. 1. Teach Content The instructor teaches preliminary content to students that is based on state standards and requirements for the semester. 2. Create Project The instructor decides on the project and the visual outcome the student will create. The instructor explains what is required and the process of completing the project. 3. Research // Ideate The student creates ideas for their project. The student provides preliminary ideas and research about their topic using multiple visual- and research-based article resources. The student submits the research and ideas to the instructor. The student receives feedback for an actual product to be made. 4. Create // Revise The student experiments, creates a rough prototype, and presents it to the instructor and classmates. He or she brings in the sample and explains how the research informed the choice he or she made in creating the prototype. The instructor and classmates offer critiques before the student creates the final outcome. 5. Final // Evaluate The student produces the final product. As part of the explanation/presentation of the final outcome, the student covers the following: an overview of the topic/research; an explanation of choices made in the creation of the process/product; a reflection on what they would change/improve about their final outcome, and what they enjoyed about the project.


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The MFA Thesis Exhibition was held in the Hammond Hall Art Gallery.