Bionic Wings


In an infinite expanse such as the one we inhabit, we are mere mites in the soil, “creatures weak and fragile, small and helpless, finite and mortal” (Tucker, First Things, online). Our eyes always fixed upon the future, blooming ad infinitum, we will “run faster,” “stretch” ourselves farther, yet never fail to fall back to the ground. Our hands in the dirt, our fingers moving upon blades of grass, we still hunger for a future of our own design. We are born without wings and bogged down by both our human history and our only true human birthright: to fail, always, in trying to make sense of it all.

Author information: Jacob Bruggeman is an honors student in his third year at Miami University with majors in history and political science, and a combined BA – MA program in political science. Jacob was recently honored for his research as one of fifteen national recipients of the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History’s 2017-2018 History Scholar awards. Jacob’s writing has been published on the American Enterprise Institute’s Values & Capitalism website, for which he is a contributing writer, by the Foundation for Economic Education, and in The New Herald—a journal he founded.



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