Protein & Exercise


Protein & Exercise



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Majid Koozehchian, Kinesiology; Gina Mabrey, Kinesiology; Kori Hill, Kinesiology


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11:15-11:25pm | Houston Cole Library, 11th Floor


The approach that will be taken with this topic is how protein use can enhance performance in athletes and the benefits of using protein pre-workout and post-workout. As a collegiate athlete, this is a very familiar topic. As a collegiate athlete protein intake is something that has to be considered on a daily basis. The purpose of this abstract is to inform other athletes how protein can enhance their performance. It is important that other athletes or people who are active know when to consume protein. According to the research, fitness enthusiasts recommend consuming protein supplements 15-60 minutes after exercising. This is said to be the perfect timeframe for getting the most out of nutrients like protein. It is vital for people to know the reason for consuming protein after exercising, which is to repair or rebuild the muscles they have broken down from exercising. Protein is not used just for recovery. Consuming a high amount of protein can lower body fat, create lean muscles, and assist weight loss while still maintaining muscle mass. Consuming a high amount of protein can enhance your performance as an athlete. This is said to be true because protein creates amino acids, which is used to fuel the muscles that are being used during performance. Throughout this presentation people will be informed on different sources of protein, the benefits of consuming protein, the amount of protein to consume, and results on how it has enhanced performance for athletes.


student research, kinesiology


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Protein & Exercise