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David Thornton, Mathematics, Computing and Information Science


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2:15-2:25pm | Houston Cole Library, 11th Floor


Our group for this project is made up of three 3 students named Adam Parker, Jakob Skipper, and me, Kevin Navarrete. We collaborated in Game Design 2 to create a VR horror game, which we call Lockdown. When we first started our development for the game, we decided to make it a VR game since we had more tools with Unity as our game engine and knew a horror game would be a good project. It’s a game of cat and mouse, not literally, where the player has to navigate throughout a school alone, while an enemy is pursing them the entire time. During our presentation, we want to not only just demonstrate the game the entire time but also spent a good portion of it discussing about the progress and obstacles we went through when we developed the game. We want to specifically talk about how each of us were working on different aspects of the game like design, programming, adaptability, suggestions, and other different characters. And for some difficulties we will discuss, we will be focusing on the issue of transitioning a build or program between each of our computers to also be playable with VR, since none of us had their own VR to text the game on our own time. But we believe and know that it was a fun experience creating this game and even rewarding with the product, just as the time previously worked together in Game Design 2. As of writing this abstract, not everyone will be present at the demonstration, so we hope to speak and represent each other to the best of our ability.


student research, computing


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